NEVER give up,
just ride.

Gloria Kotnik

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Meet Gloria Kotnik, mother and professional athlete from Slovenia.

Olympic bronze

In 2022, my dream came true in Beijing. Watch the video.

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Calendar 23/24

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Beauty collaborations.

Discover the essence of beauty with Gloria Kotnik, a woman who brings a unique elegance and captivating charm to your brand's visual storytelling. Collaborate with Gloria to enhance your brand's appeal, leveraging her remarkable presence for an extraordinary impact.

Motivational speeches, team buildings

Transform your team's dynamics and inspire unparalleled motivation with Gloria Kotnik. Invite her to lead team-building exercises and motivational talks for your company, community, or organization, igniting a spark of unity and ambition.




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From Slovenia

An idyllic little country in the heart of Europe. You are welcome to explore it.


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